Purchase Proposal Basics and FAQ

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During the design process, I may suggest a variety of products for your project. Once the design phase is completed and you have selected the products for your project, purchasing begins. There may be some items that you can purchase directly, which I will coordinate with you ahead of time. But, there may also be items that I will be purchasing on your behalf. For each item purchased through Homeward Hound Interiors, I will send you a Purchase Proposal.

While I strive to provide you the most accurate costs involved for each purchase, there are some things that are out of my control that may develop. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of Purchase Proposals!

So, what is a purchase proposal?

Purchase Proposals show the cost(s) of the item(s) you’re purchasing through Homeward Hound Interiors. If you are purchasing a sofa, your sofa purchase proposal will most likely include a few itemized products and costs. These most likely will include the fabric(s) to be used, the cost of sofa frame and construction, estimated freight/shipping charges, delivery fees, and possibly rush fees. There may also be some unknown fees that come into play with your purchases: unforeseen or additional labor charges, insurance needs, and storage fees. If you have specific questions on how these may affect your project, please let me know.


Shipping or freight is largely calculated by weight & distance.  If the vendor is unsure of how much the package will weigh until its packed up and ready to ship to you, shipping will usually be billed later.  I try my best to provide an accurate estimate for shipping or freight, however, there are times this is out of my control.


Together, we will determine the best route on getting your new additions into your home. This could mean waiting until all pieces of the project are ready for install to give you that HGTV style big reveal. Or, it could mean smaller, more frequent deliveries. With either decision, there’s bound to be storage fees associated with your project. Also, a delays from weather or other vendors may also cause storage fees. Typically, this will be billed immediately after I receive an invoice from the storage facility. And, many facilities have a grace period before storage fees start accumulating.


It’s important to have insurance and to check with your insurance company to see what your policy includes for any projects you’ll be starting. While many things may be covered and be the responsibility of those you hire, you (the homeowner), may also be responsible and held liable. It’s best to be prepared and informed, just in case.

Unforeseen or Unexpected labor: 

While I try my best to make sure that I give the most accurate numbers and information to you on a purchase proposal, there’s always a chance that something unexpected or unforeseen may come into play. Things do come up and your understanding and cooperation is key.

Expected labor:

Vendors may not know the exact time and effort involved in a specific project. Most will provide an estimate, but the actual cost of labor necessary to complete the project may not be known until work has begun.

Rush fees:

Like most other things in this world, rushing production or an order will incur a rush fee. Fees vary depending on the vendor, product, etc. I do my best to inform you what this fee will be upon receipt of the purchase proposal.

I received my Purchase Proposal, Now what?

Review the purchase proposal carefully. Ask yourself if you have any questions or concerns about what was provided. If yes, please get in touch with me ASAP so that I can discuss these with you. If you approve of the proposal and are ready to move forward, be sure to sign and submit payment to me within 3 days. I typically require payment in full to proceed with a purchase proposal to expedite the purchasing process.

Why are approvals required within 3 Days?

Often, the vendor establishes a small window of time to approve an estimate for their services or products. It may be due to scheduling, a hold on specific yardage of fabric or other materials, or a lock on the price for a custom piece, etc.

What if I’m not ready to purchase?

It’s absolutely not issue if you are not ready to purchase or if you need a little more time. I will do my best to maintain the pricing that was provided in your initial purchase proposals, however, there are items that I cannot control. Freight or shipping estimates are top items that will fluctuate the most due to fuel increases, postage increases, etc. The price of a product or the labor may also increase.

Final Thoughts

This is a living blogs and I will be updating it regularly as needed. Communication is key for a successful project. If you have specific questions on how these may affect your project, please let me know.




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